Infinity-Correncted System


Infinity corrected optical systems are used in research laboratory microscopes and industrial metallurgical microscopes generally. This microscope system have an image distance is set to infinity.
This means that A tube lens is placed between the tube barrel and the objective to produce final image.
The Infinity optical system is possible to insert optical components (such as illuminators, polarizers, filter, etc.) to be added into the parallel optical path between the objective and the tube lens with only a minimal effect on focus position.

The tube length in infinity corrected optical systems ranges from 160 to 200mm which is known as the focal length) according to the manufacturer.
One feature for using infinity corrected optics is that parfocality between different objectives can still be maintained, even when one or more auxiliary components(such as illuminators or polarizers)are added into the optical path.
Another feature is that accessories can be created to produce exactly 1X magnification without altering the alignment Between the objective and tube lens.

SPO have named this system that is CMM Series(Compact Microscope Module)
It is good for the production fields to give online monitoring inspection without any loss image quality. It is compact microscope unit for monitoring system which can apply to inline machine vision application. It is compatible with any CF Plan & EPI objective lenses (Bright Field).

It is also applied for the Koehler illumination optics for uniform intensity over the whole image. There are various types CMM series according to camera sensor size like 2/3”, 4M, 8M.
It is possible to change the mount to C-mount in case of CMM-8M also compatible with 4M (1”).