WSI (White Light Scanning Interferometer Optical Module)

Interferometer is a useful optical tool that divides a beam of light exiting a single source (like laser or LED) into two beams and then recombines them to create an interference pattern.

This pattern can be analyzed to determine the difference in paths for the two beams. This method can get the real data which is non-contact measurement of height for object`s surface.

There are 2 types of interferometers generally those are using a laser and white light as the light source.
First, the main reason for using a laser that is the long coherence length of laser light makes it easy to get interference data but it can be irritated the bad result which gives the fake data and incorrect measurements.

On the contrary, WSI (White Light Scanning Interferometer) is the so short coherence length that is an extremely powerful tool to get correct data for precise optical measurements like surface height, depth, size in the 3D application.

SPO have specialized design of optical module like tube lens, illumination lens, and LED illumination for WSI system.
We can also do customized design which is requested by customer who wants to make the WSI system. There is Michelson objective lenses by SPO to achieve special magnification and application.

Low Magnification Micheson Interferometer

Wide F.O.V Michelson optical system
F.O.V : 20.5 X 15.1mm @ 4M sensor
Magnification : 0.8X
N.A : 0.04

High Magnification Micheson Interferometer

F.O.V : 1.37 X 1.37mm@ 4M sensor
Magnification : 10X
N.A : 0.22