Telecentric Illumination


High performance telecentric illumination

High edge contrast for accuracy measurement

High telecentricity improvement.

Easy to adapt of SPO`s telecentric lens

Easy to replacement for LED module

This illumination is good for the high accuracy measurement for edge shape or hole size those are bolt pitch, angle, coils, springs, etc... It is extremely recommended to adapt the telecentric lens to improve the image quality for clear shaped image by eliminating of scattering image.

It can be increased edge contrast and measurement accuracy definitely by reducing diffuse reflections. Thus there is no sharpness loss where can measure more precisely than general backlight illumination.
It will be good match for the telecentric lens for accurate measurement. Also easy to analyze of image shape for accurate measuring the object also possible to customize and apply for various magnifications and color in the field.

Model Beam Diameter(mm) Out Diameter(mm) W.D(mm) Length(mm) Color Download
TIL-20-X 20 38 98.4±20 112.5 W/R/G/B PDF CAD
TIL-50-X 50 78 92.5±25 157.5 W/R/G/B PDF CAD
TIL-76-X 76 94 108.7±30 167.5 W/R/G/B PDF CAD
TIL-80-X 80 97 178±50 230.7 W/R/G/B PDF CAD
TIL-180-X 180 204 400±100 471 W/R/G/B PDF CAD