CMM Series

특 징

CMM(Compact Microscope Module)

- Generally, tube lens systems perform the delivery of image from optical system to camera sensor using the infinity-corrected objective lens.

- CMM Series combines the infinity-corrected objective lens with the tube lens that is composed of compact and incarnates the clear image using the Koehler illumination.
At this result, it is increased the uniformity over the whole image field.

- This module is good for production fields to give on-line monitoring observations without any loss of quality

- It is the compact microscope unit for monitoring system also remained same image quality as real microscope system.

- The Koehler Illumination optics is applied this system to get the uniformed image and used for CF Plan EPI Objectives

- SPO have various types module according to camera sensor size and magnification those are 4M & 8M.

Model EFL Mag Illumination Method Sensor Size(mm)
(Diagonal Length)
Mount Download
CMM0.5X-Iris 100mm 0.5X Koehler Illumination 2/3"(11mm) C PDF CAD
CMM1.0X-Iris 200mm 1.0X Koehler Illumination 2/3"(11mm) C PDF CAD
CMM1.5X-Iris 300mm 1.5X Koehler Illumination 1/2"(8mm) C PDF CAD
CMM2.0X-Iris 400mm 2.0X Koehler Illumination 1/2"(8mm) C PDF CAD