Zoom Lens Series

ZNTL 0515 / ZNTL 0530

This zoom lens has high resolution to get the high contrast image compared to the general zoom lens There are 2 types of zoom lenses accosting to magnification those are 0.5X~1.5X & 0.5X~3.0X. It can support up to ½”(8mm diagonal length) camera sensor. These zoon lenses are manual zoom function also have fine focus adjustment without change the own W.D It is good for the inspection those are LED die bonding and wire bonding application.

ZNTL 3050

This zoom lens have designed for large camera sensor for 2K line camera, 4M camera, etc.
It can support up to 26mm diagonal length and low distortion for over full range of magnification.

Model Mag W.D
N.A F/# D.O.F
Sensor Size(mm)
(Diagonal Length)
Mount Download
ZNTL0515 0.5X~1.5X 184 11.2~6.7 0.0298~0.05 8.3~15 2.6mm~533um 0.2 1/2"(8mm) C PDF CAD