Line Scan Lens Series


Can support up to 12K(5um/pixel) that is 62.4mm diagonal length

High resolution & high contrast optical design

Nearly zero distortion design for whole F.O.V

Various magnification from 0.5X to 3.5X

NTL Line Series not only compatible with 4K, 8K line sensor cameras but change the mount for any flange-back length.

It can be applied for measurement of FPD(defect & particle, ink injection,) , Lead Frame(tap, film), LED components(housing and package) application. This series have designed of high resolution & high contrast with low distortion for excellent image.


Q. What is the reason to difficult to make coaxial illumination for Non-telecentric lens?

A. There is no viewing angle in case of telecentric lens. Thus reflected light from object will enter to the lens perfectly(On-Axis for optical axis) It means that principal rea is parallel to the optical axis of lens. Finally, it can make uniform image for whole F.O.V.

Besides, Non-telecentric lens can`t get the whole reflection light from object due to viewing angle for optical axis so there is loss the reflected light(Off-axis for optical axis)
Model Mag W.D
N.A F/# D.O.F
Sensor Size(mm)
(Diagonal Length)
Mount Download
NTL0.5X-330I-12K 0.5X 330 8.6 0.039 6.4 512um 0.08 12K(5um) M72 PDF CAD
NTL0.7X-257I-12K 0.7X 257 9.6 0.035 10 408um 0.01 12K(5um) M72 PDF CAD
NTL1.0X-202I-12K 1.0X 202 6.7 0.05 10 200um 0.04 12K(5um) M72 PDF CAD
NTL1.4X-168I-12K 1.4X 168 5.3 0.063 11.1 113um 0.02 12K(5um) M72 PDF CAD
NTL2.0X-50I-12K 2.0X 50 3 0.11 9.1 45um 0.03 12K(5um) M72 PDF CAD
NTL2.0X-140I-12K 2.0X 140 4.3 0.078 12.8 64um 0.03 12K(5um) M72 PDF CAD
NTL3.5X-88I-12K 3.5X 88 2.4 0.14 12.5 20um 0.05 12K(5um) M72 PDF CAD