General Lens Sereis


good for any measurement application like factory automation which is not required telecentricity

Nearly zero distortion design

Fixed magnification lens and compact size

Non-Telecentric lens(NTL) series have designed for high resolution and nearly zero distortion perfectly. It is good that compact size making and cost-effective optics. Also it can replace the CCTV lens.
This series are fixed magnification will be useful to be precise measurement applications.
In addition to, it is so rigid and solid that really good for flying machined which required stability condition even if it moves fast.

SPO can support many types of camera sensors from ½” to 15M with high image quality.
Therefore, it is possible to modify another magnification according to the customer`s requirement.

Model Mag W.D
N.A F/# D.O.F
Sensor Size(mm)
(Diagonal Length)
Mount Download
NTL0.6X-117 0.6X 117 9.3 0.036 8.3 1.8 0.02 1/2"(8mm) C PDF CAD
NTL0.6X-120 0.6X 120 9.3 0.036 8.3 1.8 0.04 1/2"(8mm) C PDF CAD
NTL0.8X-100 0.8X 100 8.2 0.041 9.7 1.2 0.03 1/2"(8mm) C PDF CAD
NTL1.2X-100 1.2X 100 7.8 0.043 14 778um 0.03 1/2"(8mm) C PDF CAD
NTL2.0X-100 2.0X 100 7.1 0.047 21.3 426um 0.04 1/2"(8mm) C PDF CAD
NTL4.0X-92 4.0X 92 6.1 0.055 36.4 182um 0.01 1/2"(8mm) C PDF CAD