TCL-LINE 4K~16K Series


Telecentric lens for line scan camera(4K~12K)

Lined up 4K to 12K line scan camera

Possible to use the inner coaxial illumination(12K& 3.5X/5.0X/7X/10X) with uniform LED guide according to the illumination condition.

Possible to adjust of the D.O.F by Iris diaphragm also change the mount according to any camera brand

Sensor size for lens scan camera

Area VS line scan

Applied for the FPD(Flat Panel Display), PCB(Printed Circuit Board), LED package inspection applications those are request to measure of wide area to save tact time.

SPO have various lens according to line sensor size and magnification also provide the best solution

Q. Why use the line scan camera?

A. It can save tact time and equipment cost by scanning for wide area for one time.

B. It depends on the scanning time and method according to line camera like sensor size and scanning way

Model Mag W.D
N.A F/# D.O.F
Sensor Size(mm)
(Diagonal Length)
Mount Download
TCL0.5X-237I-4K 0.5X 237 8.4 0.04 6.25 700um 0.02 0.08 4K(7um) F PDF CAD
TCL0.7X-130I-4K 0.7X 130 5.1 0.066 5.3 303um 0.04 0.05 4K(7um) F PDF CAD
TCL0.77X-140I-4K 0.77X 140 7 0.0477 8 540um 0.03 0.06 4K(10um) M72 PDF CAD
TCL0.92X-170I-4K 0.92X 170 5.2 0.064 7.2 238um 0.01 0.03 4K(7um) F PDF CAD
TCL1.0X-138I-4K 1.0X 138 6.1 0.055 9.1 364um 0.04 0.02 4K(10um) F PDF CAD
TCL2.0X-100-4K 2.0X 100 3.7 0.09 11.1 111um 0.03 0.04 4K(10um) F PDF CAD