Double Side Telecentric Lens


Can apply for High Mega Pixel Camera like 5M, 4M, 16M,29M and 4K, 8K (Diagonal length from 11mm to 43mm).

Possible to adapt M58-Mount in case of 29M series but change the mount according to camera brand who have own flange back length.

High resolution and high telecentricity regarding of all series.

Iris diaphragm adapted for adjusting D.O.F.

Generally, standard telecentric lens are said to be object side telecentric. That means that the parallel beams originating from the object are reproduced on the sensor.
Thus telecentric lens is good for the accurate measurement tool that has no perspective error over the whole F.O.V. There is no changed the magnification in depth of field (D.O.F) even if up and down the W.D which is different with general lens.

Besides, general lens happen magnification changes when W.D moves up& down also perspective error and can see the barrier in case of height object. Finally, it is proper way to composite the system to accurate measurement in the machine field.

It is the double side telecentric lens which means object and image side telecentric lens. There is no magnification change within D.O.F for both of side. Thus it will be the good choice for the precise measurement for the large specimen like automobile (tube, seals and O-rings, screw & bolts), molding and casting (drilling hole, edge shape), mobile components (battery, case, PCB hole) applications. In addition to, it is possible to do the precise measurement by applying the telecentric illumination in case of shape, hole and height inspection.

Model Mag W.D
N.A F/# D.O.F
Sensor Size(mm)
(Diagonal Length)
Mount Download
DTCL0.15X-545-29M 0.15X 545 34 0.097 7.7 15 0.05 0.03 43 M58 PDF CAD
DTCL 0.24x-405I-29M 0.24X 405 28 0.012 10 7.6 0.05 0.03 29M(43mm) M58 PDF CAD
DTCL 0.38x-265I-29M 0.38X 265 17.6 0.019 10 3 0.04 0.03 29M(43mm) M58 PDF CAD
DTCL 0.563x-160I-29M 0.563X 160 12 0.028 10 1.4 0.05 0.04 29M(43mm) M58 PDF CAD
DTCL 0.664x-181I-29M 0.664X 181 8.4 0.04 8.3 828um 0.05 0.05 29M(43mm) M58 PDF CAD